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      Focusing on Leading Enterprises, to Achieve Value Win-win| HLT & DLT Join Hands with Top-branded Ceramic Manufacturers of India!

      Release time:2023-10-13

      Currently, Indian ceramic enterprises are facing the favorable factors of rapid development in the real estate sector and the pressure of rising comprehensive costs. On one hand, with the positive upswing of the real estate cycle in India and the government's firm commitment to infrastructure development, the construction industry is showing good momentum. From the current market perspective, the demand for ceramics in India is in a state of continuous growth. While local ceramic companies are rapidly expanding in Indian, their product competitiveness is also steadily increasing.

      On the other hand, with the rise in natural gas prices, Indian ceramic companies are facing the challenge of increasing production costs. Consequently, there is a strong demand for production machinery focused on "clean production, low carbon and energy-saving, safety and stability, intelligent manufacture". This demand is particularly pronounced by highly reputable Indian-listed ceramic groups on the international stage, imposing extremely stringent requirements on machinery companies. This high standard, strict requirements, and emphasis on quality align perfectly with HLT & DLT's philosophy of "Pursuing Excellence while Creating Prominence".

      In this context, some leading listed ceramic companies in India, namely Kajaria Ceramics Group, H&R Johnson Group and Orient Bell Limited (referred to as OBL), as part of their strategy for high-quality group development, conducted extensive global research and comparisons. They have chosen to collaborate with excellent machinery companies like HLT & DLT, working hand in hand with top-quality ceramic machinery manufacturers worldwide, thereby further strengthening their core competitiveness in the ceramic markets of both India and overseas.

      KCL's Core Plant in Gailpur Successfully

      Starts Up a High-end GVT Complete Line

      On October 9th, Kajaria Ceramics Limited, India's top brand among the world's top 25 ceramic manufacturers, successfully started the production of a high-end digital GVT complete line at its core production base in Gailpur. HLT & DLT 's press and kiln made their first entry into this core production base, providing strong evidence in propelling the flourishing development of the ceramic industry in India.

      Kajaria Group was established in 1988 and is ranked seventh on the authoritative Ceramic World Review annual global ranking of top ceramic tile manufacturers for the year 2021. It has been recognized as a world super brand for 12 consecutive years. Statement for the financial year ending in March 2023, Kajaria ceramic tile production increased by 17% compared to the previous year, reaching an annual total capacity of 85 million square meters. According to data released by Indian ceramic tile manufacturer Kajaria Ceramics on August 9, 2023, for the first quarter ending on June 30, the comprehensive operating income increased by over 5%, reaching 10.64 billion Indian Rupees (approximately RMB 928 million), and the comprehensive net profit increased by over 16% to 1.08 billion Indian Rupees (approximately RMB 94.194 million). The comprehensive core profit margin expanded from 15.23% in the previous year to 15.9%. Kajaria Group stated that the sales of vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles remained strong in this quarter, and they anticipate a revenue growth of 14% to 16% for the fiscal year 2024.

      Kajaria Group currently operates eight major production bases across India, including Sikandrabad in Uttar Pradesh, Gailpur and Malootana in Rajasthan, Vijayawada and Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh, and Balanagar in Telangana, as well as two factories in Gujarat. They have a network of over 1700 dealers. In the 35 years since its establishment, Kajaria Group has been dedicated to innovation and production in the ceramic tile industry. Their annual production capacity has grown from an initial 1 million square meters to the current 85 million square meters, offering over 3000 varieties of creatively designed ceramic wall tiles, floor tiles, and vitrified tiles. To expand its international presence, Kajaria Group has established showrooms in Dubai and formed a joint venture in Nepal. It is evident that Kajaria Group has become a synonym for superior quality, efficient service, and innovative design in both Indian and international markets.

      As a significant strategic partner of HLT & DLT in the Indian market, HLT Industry provided 2 sets of YP2080 automatic hydraulic presses to Vennar, a joint venture subsidiary of Kajaria Group, as early as 2011. In 2018, DLT Technology supplied to Kajaria Sanitaryware, a subsidiary of Kajaria Group, with a 4.0 high-end digital tunnel kiln capable of producing 750,000 pieces of sanitaryware products annually. Furthermore, in 2021, a high-end vitrified tile production line was provided to South Asian Ceramic, another subsidiary of Kajaria Group, including 2 sets of 60T intermittent ball mills and 1 set of YP5209 automatic hydraulic press from HLT Industry, in addition to a DLT Technology's 4.0 vitrified tile professional firing kiln and self-circulation 5-layer dryer, achieving a production capacity of 12,000 m2 per day.

      Gailpur Plant is the second factory built by Kajaria Group in March 1998. The products from this factory include wall tiles, glazed floor tiles, as well as glazed and polished vitrified tiles, with an impressive annual production capacity of up to 38.5 million square meters. To expand into the high-end market on the foundation of strengthening traditional ceramics, the key machinery introduced in this upgrade project includes one set of YP4009 and one set of YP7890 automatic hydraulic press from HLT, together with a DLT Technology's "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmark Smart Era" firing kiln and EM series self-circulation 5-layer dryer. The major production will consist of high-quality glazed and polished ceramic tiles with a thickness of 9-11mm, covering a full range of popular sizes in the market. The targeted production capacity is 13,500 square meters per day, aiming to strengthen Kajaria Group's product value and market competitiveness.

      HLT Industry's YP4009 and YP7890 automatic hydraulic presses have been optimized with enhanced hydraulic systems, making them more powerful, safe, and reliable. They meet the operational requirements of high production capacity, low consumption, and high product yield. DLT Technology’s thermal engineering machinery, customized for the Indian market, features the high-end Alpha new generation B&W appearance, designed in accordance with the international environmental requirements. The machines are equipped with several patented technologies such as DHR, KHI and PPC, showing advantages of a wider automatic temperature adjustment range, lower comprehensive energy consumption, and higher automation, not only enhancing product quality, but also reducing unit product gas consumption significantly. The advancement will support Kajaria Group in the upgrading of intelligent, automatic, digital and informational production to a new level. It showcases exemplary strength amid the current international economic situation and the pressure of Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutral goals.

      Kajaria Group Joins Hands with DLT

      in a New Sanitaryware Project Again

      Since the successful running of Kajaria Sanitaryware, a subsidiary of Kajaria Ceramics Group, with an annual production of 750,000 piece of sanitaryware products by a DLT tunnel kiln in 2018, receiving continuous praises from customers for its stable performance and excellent quality. It has been the first sanitaryware tunnel kiln that integrated green, low-carbon, and intelligent automation for the Chinese ceramic machinery industry to enter the Indian sanitaryware kiln market. Based on trustable cooperation, in September 2023, Kajaria Group's new sub-factory in sanitaryware, Kerovit Global, successfully closed a deal with DLT Technology on a tunnel kiln with a daily production capacity of 2,288 piece of sanitaryware products together with a shuttle kiln with a volume of 144 cube meters. The fabrication of these two kilns is at the full swing at present.

      H&R Johnson Group Successfully Signs

      a New GVT Line with DLT

      With a history of 65 years, H&R Johnson Group, the only one in India renowned for providing high-end solutions in tiles, sanitaryware, bathroom accessories, and marble, has once again announced the joyful news of successfully signing a new contract with HLT & DLT! Earlier their joint venture subsidiary, Sanskar Ceramics, had a high-end wall tile firing kiln commencing production in February 2023. Since then, the kiln has been running smoothly and received excellent feedback for its stable performance and superior quality, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations.

      H&R Johnson (India), founded in 1958, boasts more than 1,000 exclusive dealers, over 10,000 secondary dealers, 35 branches, and numerous wall tile and floor tile showrooms. Their extensive network covers the whole India, providing customers with convenient and efficient post-sales support. One of the core elements that have contributed to H&R Johnson's success in the Indian market is its comprehensive range of products, excellent quality, as well as highly efficient services. The exceptional legacy of over 60 years from H&R Johnson aligns seamlessly with HLT & DLT in a harmonious and long-term partnership. Hand in hand walking into a new era, both parties will set up a shining example in the industry.

      In this latest collaboration, H&R Johnson's Silica factory in the south of India has signed a contract with DLT Technology for a "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmark Smart Era" firing kiln (W3000/L291.9M) and an EM series high-efficiency self-circulation 5-layer dryer. The main production is high-quality glazed and polished vitrified tiles in sizes of 600*600mm and 600*1200mm, with a designed daily output of 20,000m2. Equipped with numerous patented technologies and scientifically optimized structural design, this high-end firing kiln is an amalgamation of automation, intelligence, and low energy consumption. It is set to provide H&R Johnson Group with added momentum for their strategy of high-quality and high-value development.

      Orient Bell Limited Group's High-end Glazed Floor Tile Complete Production Line

      Successfully Starts Production

      Recently, Orient Bell Limited Group (referred to as OBL) received great news from their Dora factory in Gujarat. Their high-end digital glazed floor tile complete production line has successfully started production. It marks the second collaboration between both groups, following HLT Industry's provision of 2 sts of YP3009T automatic hydraulic presses to OBL's Hoskote factory in 2022.

      Orient Bell Limited (OBL) was established in 1977 and stands as one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in India. Since its inception, OBL has continuously innovated its products and enhanced network services. The company currently operates 3 factories and collaborates with over 2,000 dealers, with an annual production capacity exceeding 30 million square meters. As an international company with nearly 50 years of experience in ceramic tile innovation, OBL, in its pursuit of high-end markets, places extremely stringent demands on production machinery. HLT Industry is well-qualified to meet their requirements, consistently benchmarking technical standards and fostering innovation to meet customer and market demands. The approach not only earns high trust from customers but also serves as a model within the industry,  due to their continuously emphasizing on clean production, intelligent manufacturing and high-quality development.

      The recently launched complete production line project includes 2 sets of 60T ball mills from HLT Technology, 1 set of YP5209T automatic hydraulic press from HLT Industry, a combination of DLT Technology's "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmark Smart Era" firing kiln and EM series self-circulation 7-layer dryer. The major production is aiming at the high-quality glazed floor tiles with sizes of 600*600mm and 600*1200mm, and thickness ranging from 9-12mm. The designed daily production output is 10,500m2, which will significantly promote OBL's overall production capacity, supporting the customer to continuously increase and enhance the production capabilities in order to catch new opportunities in the market.

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